Blogathon 11/18

Continuing the everyday look at everyday objects through the camera lens…

The subject of today’s photograph of an everyday object is commonly called a sack of crap.

No, this isn’t a continuation of yesterday’s horse manure airing.

Not that you’d want horse manure to be aired, as such.

But still.

We had new broadband today.

But this isn’t about that, not directly.

This is about a different sack of crap.

I would like to introduce you to our colour printer/scanner.

It’s an Epson XP 245.

Epson, the well-known manufacturer of printers, and XP 245 meaning eXtremely Pisspoor printer number 245.

Like all printers, the Epson XP 245 is supposed to just sync to the WiFi router and then sit quietly, waiting silently for orders, in exactly the same way Douglas Adams’ talking toaster doesn’t, in the HHGTTG.

The Epson XP 245 doesn’t do that because it falls at the first hurdle.

It. Won’t. Sync. To. The. New. Router.

It refuses to.

It just sits there, WiFi indicator flashing from amber to green in a mocking gesture of ‘I’m doing something but I’m just not doing what I’m supposed to.’

I’m sure My Lord Blackadder would have had something witty to say about it, some acid-burning critique on its degree of usefulness when compared to a drinking straw in the possession of an astronaut marooned on your anus Uranus.

In face, if this little device was as useful as a drinking straw in the possession of an astronaut marooned on your anus Uranus, it would at least have some semblance of tiny speck of order in a universe of chaotic string theory.

As it is, it doesn’t even meet that lofty height.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the utter sack of crap that is the Epsoon XP 245.

Feel free to gloat at its semi-sentientic recalcitrant, almost self-aware puddle of belligerence:

Oh look mother, it's a sack of crap

Oh look mother, it’s a sack of crap

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2 Responses to Blogathon 11/18

  1. Masher says:

    I always used to buy Epsons… until I realised what a sack of crap they were.

    Now, I don’t use Epson and I don’t use wireless, and everything just… works.

    • Brennig says:

      I got it going in the end. A £6 cable and direct interface with the printer made all my problems go away. Now the printer is back on WiFi. Hooray!