Blogathon 12/18

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At about 5.45am tomorrow I will be setting out for Weybridge, the Paris of the South (as nobody every said).

My first meeting is at 9am. My second starts at 12.00.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is excellent, so I’m looking forward to making the trip.

M1, M25, A317.

It’ll be a lovely trip cutting through the sheets of traffic on the ZX10R.

But no.

I have been talked out of making the 300-mile round-trip on the Ninja.

I am, honestly, disappointed I was talked out of it and glad I was talked out of it, in about equal measures.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against long rides.

When I used to hang around with OMG we’d think nothing of legging it to Wales for a cup of tea, zoom around a mountain-top or several, and then leg it back home.

Or zip down to the sarf coast for a cup of tea and to look at the Southsea view and then zip back home again.

And SWMBO and I are planning a round-Scotland motorbikeathon next year on our respective machines.

It’s just the ‘after cutting my way through the intensely mental and overbearingly heavy southern traffic on the world’s best high-speed filtering machine, would my cuttingly incisive brain still be capable of calculating the square root of 410 to seven decimal places?’

20.2484567 if you care, being expressed as:

√ 410  = 20.2484567
Thus:    20.2484567  x  20.2484567 = 410

Probably not.

And indeed probably knot.

So instead I am going to make the trip in a newfangled machine called a ‘car’.

Apparently they’re all the rage.

It’s even got an infernal internal combustion engine, but it doesn’t deliver anywhere like the 220bhp my (recently) uprated Ninja produces.

Which is a shame, obv.

Also a shame is the complete lack of filterability.

The thing just doesn’t filter.

I’m so used to folding in my mirrors, dropping down to midrange second gear and slicing my way through traffic.

But tomorrow I shan’t be doing that.

I shall be sitting in a chair, listening to the wonderful Shaun Keaveney on BBC6Music.

Surrounded by thousands of other motorists, whilst encased in this:

Temporary transport

Temporary transport

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4 Responses to Blogathon 12/18

  1. Masher says:

    I will also be doing the M1, M25 bit of the journey, but, unlike you, I will be on my bike.
    Like you though, I probably won’t be filtering. Because I’m not much of a filterer.

    My MS380 agrees with your calculation, but suggests you take it to an extra decimal place and add a 3 on the end.