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Our cats come and go as they please.

The cat-flap is tuned to their microchips, so only they are allowed in the house.

There’s a grumpy old bugger up the road who, last year, put out a small bowl of cat poo that he’d allegedly picked off his front lawn with the sign ‘Keep your cats in at night’.

But we don’t know he actually did pick that cat poo off his front lawn.

And anyway, it could have been cats from the farm half-a-mile away that made a special trip to his front lawn, just to teach him not to be so grumpy.

Or it could have been any one (or several) of the 3,763 cats that live in the village.

But that’s incidental.

My point is that our cats, because of the microchip-protected cat-flap, can come and go as they please.

And they do.

But, by and large, they spend quite a significant amount of day-hours and night-hours in the house.

Dandy doesn’t stray far from the house.

He likes mealtimes.

His brother, Beano, well… nobody is quite sure what young Beano gets up to.

But he’s usually here for supper.

And he usually sleeps several hours a day in his day-spot.

And sleeps for a lot of hours a night in his night-spot.

Raven. Well she’s just nutty.

And Ripley seems to spend 23-1/2 hours a day asleep.

She spends the rest of the day turning her nose up at whatever food she’s been offered.

Beano, however, went missing.

He missed his day-spot.

He missed his night-spot.

And he missed mealtimes.

For two, almost three days.

Late yesterday evening he turned up; came through the cat-flap loudly meowing his head off.

He spent most of last night asleep on our bed.

When we went out earlier this evening he came out of the front door with us.

When I got back, having dropped the crew off at rollerskating, he was waiting on the doorstep.

When Beano was missing, Dandy wandered around the house and garden calling for him, we’re very sure that’s what was going on.

We think Beano got locked in somewhere; somebody’s garage, or maybe a garden shed.

We also think the experience shocked him. He’s hardly strayed from the house for 24 hours.

And he seems… subdued.

As you can tell



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4 Responses to Blogathon 21/18

  1. Masher says:

    Maybe he was cat-napped by Mr Grumpy and then cleverly escaped through a window.

    Or maybe he was just out with the lads.