Blogathon 27/18

Continuing the everyday look at everyday objects through the camera lens…

Pets are lovely.

(insert joke about ‘yes, but I couldn’t eat a whole one’ here)

They make a house a home, as someone once said about something else.


Pets are good for cuddles, when they’re in the mood.

Sometimes they’re good for entertainment value

But those nutcases over at PETA want to stop all pets. Domesticated animals are very bad, according to the PETA nutcases.

Here’s a screenshot from those nutcases over at PETA:

Nutcases @ PETA

Nutcases @ PETA


Back to planet earth, not planet PETA.

We have four cats. And a horse. But this is all about the cats.

The cats occasionally bring some of their little friends home.

In recent weeks it’s been fleas.

But Sam’s all over that.

This morning, however, they brought another little friend home.

I wonder what those PETA nutcases would say about this sort of thing?

A friend of one of our kitties

A friend of one of our kitties

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2 Responses to Blogathon 27/18

  1. Masher says:

    He doesn’t look very well.