Biker down

Yesterday evening, taking a leisurely trip home on the ZX10R, I was involved in an accident.

While travelling around a smaller roundabout in the village, a lad who was dribbling a football, kicked the ball across the road in front of me.

An awesomely stupid thing to do, I’m sure we can all agree.

However the ball struck the opposite kerb on the inside of the roundabout, and bounced back into the immediate path of the ZX10R.

The front wheel impacted the ball, the bike went down and I hit the road very hard.

I estimate the cost of bringing the ZX10R back to its spotless showroom condition to be not less than £1,000.

And I’m damaged.

My helmet is only fit for the bin.

My leathers are scuffed up.

This occurred in the shadow of the lad’s house. He went to fetch his father.

His father was most defensive of his son’s stupidity, and asked if I’d never kicked a football.

I said I had, but I’d never kicked a football into the path of oncoming traffic.

As a result of this lad’s ridiculous logic (that it is acceptable to kick a football across the road in front of traffic), I now have no means of transport.

And I hurt.

And I have to lose the maximum amount of no-claims it is possible to have.

But even with all of these things, this is the level of parental responsibility that this lad’s father feels is acceptable:

Don’t apologise for the actions of your offspring

Don’t offer any degree of financial assistance

Attempt to justify the actions of your offspring

Offer no assistance at the scene of the crash.

I’m tempted to try one of those lawyers who advertise no win no fee services.

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4 Responses to Biker down

  1. Masher says:

    Jeez mate, that’s a bit shit!

    Sounds like your helmet and leathers did their job (still amazes me when I see blokes riding in shorts and tee shirts, as I did the other day… on the M1).

    I don’t blame the lad (as such), because he possibly isn’t yet mature enough to understand the gravity of his actions. (How old was he, I wonder?)
    I myself, have had to instruct my son several times to not kick his ball along the pavement, as we walk to the park, but to pick it up and carry it, just in case it goes in the road.

    Maybe that’s the problem: a lack of proper parenting.

    All that aside, I’m glad you’re OK. Bikes are easily fixed; Brens… not so.

  2. S.Le says:

    Gosh! What a twat that dad is!! Hope you and your beloved will be alright soon.

  3. IanB says:

    A) The father is responsible for his son’s actions.
    B) If the child is under 9 years old he is not legally liable – as in “get prosecuted for an offense – but that’s not the same as liability for injuries and damage.
    B) Try these people: – they are one of our customers and they’re the real deal and not ambulance chasers, if they can’t help they will point you in the direction of someone who can.
    C) Definitely sue – how else will the father learn? More to the point WTF should you pay a single penny – it wasn’t an accident, it was caused by his child playing in the road, unsupervised.

    If it was a simple “the kid tripped, dropped the ball and I couldn’t stop in time” it would be different – it isn’t – sue. Being nice solves nothing.

  4. Brennig says:

    Thank you for your thoughts/wishes, folks. There are things happening on this, of which I can’t speak. So shhhhh… Mum’s the word.