A day-ish of geek

Today I upgraded the .php of every single website I host to v7.2.12.

Then I redesigned the podcast website (the old design relies on some tech that has been superseded).

If I had another few hours, I would have unpacked the studio equipment and put out a podcast. Because it’s only been three years since the last show.

I also managed to squeeze in a quick trip out on the Ninja.

That was fun too.

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7 Responses to A day-ish of geek

  1. Allister says:

    I finally took my podcast site totally offline this week. 🙁

    But to make up for it, I put a new theme on two other sites.

    • Brennig says:

      Why podcast offline?

      • Allister says:

        Because I haven’t touched it in oh-so-long, and I had been paying an APRA/AMCOS license which I have now decided I don’t want to pay any more and it seemed simplest to just take it all offline to facilitate that.

  2. Masher says:

    That’s quite a busy day.
    Getting things done.
    All good.

    But aren’t you supposed to start your resolutions in the New Year?