Blogathon 04/19: Getting 16 hands between my legs

(Prem is actually 16.2″ hands high in his stockinged feet*. With shoes on he’s probably bordering 16.3hh)

It’s about time I did a fulsome Prem update.

Two weeks ago he moved to a new home. He settled very quickly, made eyes at the little blonde girl (grey mare) in the next stable (she made eyes back and now they’re close friends).

His new home is quiet, has much more grazing/turnout, and has a significantly nicer arena. The hacking is pretty good, but we don’t actually do any hacking yet.

Prem saw the dentist last week, and had a few rough edges taken care of.

He’s in great shape; he’s getting exercised 7 days a week. His workout routine consists of about 40 minutes a day 60/40 split between walking and trotting, working in tight circles, large circle, and straight lines to encourage flexibility and an even muscle development.

There’s no rush; there’s no hurry.

After successfully rehabilitating Prem as a physically damaged racehorse, I now need to rehabilitate Prem from being a racehorse into being a riding horse.

If this all pans out we might do some low-level competitions.

Or we might just turn into a hacking couple.

I’m just glad to have the opportunity to own a smashing chap who has a lovely attitude, and who will help me stay fit.

However there’s a downside.

One of his turnout companions is ripping Prem’s rugs. Two have gone im the last fortnight; and that’s getting expensive.

He came in with a swollen face on Saturday, which implies one of his turnout companions bit Prem in the face.

If we can’t sort these problems out I might have to fallback to moving him to another home.

This would be a real shame.

*Prem doesn’t actually wear stockings

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2 Responses to Blogathon 04/19: Getting 16 hands between my legs

  1. Masher says:

    16 hands… I see what you did there.

    Yes, it’s been a while since you mentioned Prem… so much so, I’d completely forgotten.
    Although I’m not into dobbins, I’m pleased to hear he’s doing so well now.