Blogathon 11/19: Going flat

A couple of years ago, when we got the dog first pair of cats, we put a cat-flap in.

Not long after that we put a different cat-flap in. A battery-operated cat-flap. For battery-operated cats.

We soon noticed, post battery-operated cat-flap implementation, that the house stopped smelling quite so ‘catty’.

And so it has continued. The battery-operated cat-flap has continued to let our cats in (and out!), and it has continued to keep invading cats (that ginger tosser from next door) out.

But the battery-operated cat-flap began to get through batteries quicker and quicker.

So we moved to rechargeable cats batteries.

Now we rotate the batteries every 3-4 days, which isn’t long, really. There must be something in the design of the cat-flap that makes it eat battery juice. Or something.


Today I ordered a new battery for the ZX10R. I was offered a choice. I could order a Kawasaki battery for £180. Or I could order a battery with a different name on it for £80.

Well gosh, that’s a tough choice.

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One Response to Blogathon 11/19: Going flat

  1. Masher says:

    The Kawasaki battery is probably made by Yuasa, as most are.
    I had to buy a new one for my Trumpet a couple of years back. Can’t remember what make it is, but I ordered it online, filled it up with acid, gave it a charge and it’s been good as gold. Only cost me 35 quid. Well happy.