Blogathon 12/19: What’s in a name?

I have a cousin who lived for decades in a converted mill. Actually she may still do. I hope that’s the case.

As in ‘old mill by the stream’, not ‘Old Amsterdam’ kind of mill.

Inspired by that cousin I wanted to live in a mill.

I was going to call it ‘Rumour Mill’, and spend all my days making up founded (or unfounded) rumours about people and events.

However, the invention of the Internet means that particular market is well and truly cornered.

But you have to admit that was a great name (if not a great way to pass the time).

We don’t really call them ‘rumours’ any more. Conspiracy theories, that’s the label we use now.

My favourite is the conspiracy theory that we didn’t go to the moon. My second favourite is that we did go to the moon but the filming was done by Stanley Kubrick to isolate us from the potential horrors of another Apollo One-type disaster.

Look it up kids; terribly sad.

The thing is with my second favourite is this was very well covered (ish) by the rather good film Capricorn One. Look it up kids: very good.

And I do love a good rumour (an old school rumour, not a modern-day conspiracy theory) so, just to keep my rumour-skills honed, here are a few to peruse:

  1. I may be getting married this year
  2. We may be getting a puppy
  3. I may have got a new battery fitted to the ZX10-R today

Only you can decide which is true and which is a rumour.

Anyway, back to the starting point.

It would be a bit bonkers to call a house ‘Conspiracy Theory’. wouldn’t it?

I quite like ‘Rumour Mill’. Or perhaps ‘Rumour Control’, if it’s not an actual mill?

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2 Responses to Blogathon 12/19: What’s in a name?

  1. Masher says:

    I saw Capricorn One years ago and rather enjoyed it.

    Although there are some that say I didn’t.