Blogathon 15/19: Flash Flood!

Not half an hour before bedtime last night the lights went out.

But not the TV, not Spotify and also not the Sonos speaker, bizarrely.

There were cries of ‘It’s a power failure’ which I mentally dismissed because of the above exceptions. I genuinely thought someone had switched the light off.

Turns out it was the hand of Dog (other deities are available).

The downstairs lights had tripped; we quickly identified the source as the kitchen lights.

One stepladder investigation later, and it was revealed we had water where water shouldn’t exist (i.e. in the kitchen light fitting).

While Sam went upstairs to investigate I took the light fighting apart and got soaked when I finally detached it from the ceiling. It was full of water. The light fighting, not the ceiling.

Meanwhile upstairs in the bathroom the side panel was quickly off the bath and water was spotted flooding out of the u-bend.

The Phillips screw in the middle of the drain plug was tightened up and Robert’s your Mother’s Brother, we had no more leakage.

Last night and today I’m slowly drying the light fitting (it was flipping expensive!) in the hope that it will keep the faith and carry on working once all trace of moisture has gone.

So that was exciting!

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2 Responses to Blogathon 15/19: Flash Flood!

  1. Masher says:

    Should be fine, once it’s dried out.

    “Fighting” that keyboard, are we? 😉