Blogathon 19/19: Roadtrip 3!

After spending a large lump of yesterday walking up to and cuddling very old stones, today we went a bit further down the road to see some more very old stones.

Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to cuddle any of these very old stones because someone did something that someone didn’t like a very long time ago.

But we went there. And we gawped.

They aren’t as old as the old stones we saw yesterday, but at 3,000 years, they’re pretty old.

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4 Responses to Blogathon 19/19: Roadtrip 3!

  1. Masher says:

    Oh look, someone’s put them in a circle.
    That’s nice.

    I believe – and my history lesson here comes from an Eddie Izzard sketch – that the stones came from Wales, somehow.

    • Brennig says:

      Quite right. The Bluestones came from Wales. And they were dragged across land, according to the people what know these things.

  2. When I worked for Everest our sales system allowed us to use visualisation by taking a photo of a house and overlaying pictures of our windows so clients got an idea what their house might look like. When I got the conservatory package I got a photo of Stonehenge and added windows, doors and a glass roof to prove it was in fact the earliest example of a prehistoric conservatory.
    Ah, what jolly japes we got up to!

    • Brennig says:

      I understand the builders plan on putting a roof on Stonehenge, just as soon as they get back from their tea break.