Blogathon 20/19: Roadtrip 4! (the conclusion)

We went to the market in the middle of Marlborough this morning.

As a commercial event it was a bit dull; there were maybe nine stalls covering (amongst other prospective purchases) second-hand furniture, cheeses, DIY stuff and other random goods.

So as I couldn’t trump Sam’s purchase of yesterday I bought a large lump of Gala Pie and we jumped in the car and drove home. Because it was the last day of the short break and I have to be at work tomorrow.

It’s been a fun, relaxing break. We all enjoyed ourselves. And speaking personally, it was great not to have to do any rushing around.

It’s good to be home. The cats are still speaking to us (the cat-sitter kept them fed).

And right now we’re watching The Martian (we started out watching Robinson Crusoe On Mars, but this was an easy transition to make after the first 15 minutes).

I’ll upack my rucksack later. There’s a little something we brought back from Darkest Wiltshire

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2 Responses to Blogathon 20/19: Roadtrip 4! (the conclusion)

  1. Good Lord! Why is there a statue of someone clutching two bananas?

  2. Masher says:

    Ahhh… a Sheela-na-gig!

    Sam has taste. It’ll look nice on the mantlepiece.