Neigh, Nay

It’s been a terrific wrench, but Prem has a new home.

He now lives with a lovely lady in Yorkshire, where he is living the life of a happy hacker.

I was very sad to make the decision, and even sadder to see him go.

But I have been up to see his new home, and I’m confident that he will enjoy himself even more than he did when he lived with me.

In the last two and a half years I have taken a broken-down racehorse from his trainer, rehabilitated his injury to full fitness and then rehabilitated an ex-racehorse into a lovely riding horse.

I’m very pleased with Prem and his role in life.

And I’m very pleased for his new owner.

She’s got a lovely horse, and he’s got a very relaxed lifestyle for the rest of his days.

And I get to hang up my (riding) boots, because I have decided that Prem was the last horse I want in my life.

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