Question asked/question answered

As I write this (and this statement is more for my benefit, for when I come to read this back when I am [even more] older and I have [much] less grip on my mental faculties) it is 06.15 on Sunday 29th September 2019.

I’m wondering where the clause ‘and you will never be able to sleep past 05.15 ever again and staying in bed past 05.30 will instantly become a thing of the past’ is, in the small print of ‘getting two puppies’.

They are currently trying to eat each other (or so it sounds).

They’ve been out in the garden for a romp about. They’ve also been out for a brisk run around this part of the village (I ran, they jogged).

They’ve had their breakfast (Chewie has had his wormer). They’ve had their four dry Shreddies each. They’ve licked my empty bowl of Shreddies (yes, this means that technically they’ve had three breakfasts each).

And now, as I say, I believe they’re trying to eat each other.

Anyway, outside the world of dog-induced sleep deprivation and in my professional world…

Our senior managers/director have recently started emailing us a weekly round-up of the bullet points they’ve been concentrating on.

These updates make for interesting reading; it’s revealing to get the full scope of things they have on their plate, and also good to get a pan-EMEA/pan-transatlantic view of things that are just outside my area of operation.

I wish my former director in my last company did the same thing. Had she done so it might have corrected the opinion the whole department had that she just sat on her fat arse all day. Maybe.

Anyway, back to today.

On his weekly update one of the senior managers also goes into detail of what he’s reading, what he’s (been) watching, and what has inspired him each week.

When I read these updates (as I do every Friday) my first thought is ‘How the hell do you have so much time for reading and personal development!’.

My second thought is, inevitably, ‘You don’t have a pair of Spaniels, do you?’

Thereby answering my own question.

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2 Responses to Question asked/question answered

  1. Masher says:

    My mutt wakes me if I go past my usual rising time of 5am, such as at the weekend. Where she learnt to tell the time, I don’t know, but I wish she would learn to read the calendar.

    Similar to yourself, we get weekly updates from our upper management. From the CEO; from HR; from the H&S heads; from Operations… it goes on. Sometimes more than once a week. And, like you, I have often wondered where they find the time to sit down and write up these updates, because I’ll readily admit that I don’t seem to have enough time to sit down and read them all

    • Brennig says:

      It’s so dark in the mornings at 5.15/5.30 now. That doesn’t help me shake the feeling of being perpetually tired. I can’t walk the dogs in the fields when it’s that dark, so at the moment we do a lap of the village which, at least, is lit