Unpopular opinion

The start of every year is the start of a new decade. We’re just not counting from zero, but that doesn’t make the count any more or less of a decade. A decade is still ten years, it doesn’t matter where you count from.

Setting this one obvious point aside for a moment, here’s some more…

The whole New Year thing is fixated on the passing of time. Is it a healthy fixation?

New Year Resolutions also, in a slightly oblique way, mark the passing of time in a not good way.

They mark our aspirations for the next 12 months (and, likely, they highlight our past failures).

There’s been some decade-related action on the Twitter.

It has been interesting to see people Tweet photos taken 10-years apart. Some surprising in either direction, others not so much.

A lot can happen in the space of ten years.

I made a list of significant events, and had to go back and edit in a very significant event I really shouldn’t have forgotten.

Ten years ago my screen time involved the same TV series that I’m re-watching again.

But the really important thing is that ten years ago I was a very different person.

I think I’m a better person for the passing of time. And I’m the only person qualified to give me an opinion on that, so it must be true.

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