Blogathon 04/20: Coaldogs

There are a number of sub-breeds that come under the Spaniel heading.

Cocker, Springer, Cavalier King Charles (I have no idea what they are so cavalier about), Bonking Boykin, American, Russian, German and even a Toy Trawler Spaniel (WTF?).

Then there are the subdivisions (look, I’m making most of this up, OK?): Sprocker, for example, which is a result of mating a Springer with, you’ve guessed it, a Cocker.

We have two Sprockers.

The older of the pair is very much drawn from the Springer line, whilst the younger Sprocker is definitely of the Cocker breed.

But they also belong to a sub-sub breed of Spaniel, known as Coaldogs.

They love coal.

They’ll roll about in it, they’ll sneak it out of the coal bin, bring it in to the house and eat it.

They’ll remove it from the coal hod by the fireplace and chow down on it with great enthusiasm.

And if you should happen to leave a couple of bags of coal just lying about outside…

She’s so proud!
Got any coal you want eaten, guv?
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2 Responses to Blogathon 04/20: Coaldogs

  1. Masher says:

    How quaint.

    “I’ll have the Anthracite… with a side order of Nutty Slack, please. Oh, and a bottle of Merlot”

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