Blogathon 05/20: Radio waving

The world of radio communications has changed a great deal since I last dabbled in it.

The heavily modified, rack-mounted Racal RA1772s that I played with have been superseded many times over.

A few days ago I was surfing a particularly nerdy corner of t’Internet when an aircraft blipped on to my radar (literally).

The application I was using gave me a significant amount of information about the aircraft, even that it was communicating on 1435Hz.

If only I knew a radio amateur who had more up-to-date knowledge of receiving hardware than I, I thought. I would then be able to ask him what piece of kit would be good for receiving 1435Hz (and other frequencies of interest).

Hmm. Now where do you suppose I might find such an individual?

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6 Responses to Blogathon 05/20: Radio waving

    • Brennig says:

      Well then

      • Masher says:

        Well then.

        There are plenty of good general coverage receivers out there. AOR is a particularly good one. But they do tend to be a bit pricey. Also, Gen Cov usually only covers HF. You will then need to start looking at scanners – or the like – for VHF & UHF.
        However, if you want a good cheap solution that covers a wide range of freqs, then I would suggest you sling up an aerial suitable for the freq range you are wanting to look at, connect it to an RTL SDR dongle (about a tenner) and get some free SDR software such as SDR#. That will cover from about 500KHz up to 1.5GHz ish.
        It won’t pick up the frequency you specify though, as 1435Hz is only 1.4 KHz, which is within the audible range of the human ear, not RF.

        • Brennig says:

          Thanks Masher. Funny but I have been deeply immersed in SDR capabilities for another reason. I just hadn’t connected all the dots. And I will confess I may have misremembered that frequency. I was so excited at what I saw!

  1. Dave says:

    Ahem! *waves as well*. Just to muddy the waters.

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