Blogathon 09/20: A hell of a blowjob!

Storm Ciabatta (whatever) is in full effect although I only know this because I took my earbuds out and looked through the patio doors.

When I walked the dogs at 6am it was just blowing, but now it’s hammering down sideways with all the aggression of an angry weather deity who hasn’t had his traditional bacon sandwich for breakfast.

One of the local FB ‘spotted’ groups has a photograph of a tent that someone found in their garden.

I don’t think there was anyone in it when it landed, Wizard of Oz style.

The 10yo is playing Fortnite which involves speaking monosyllabic words into her gamer headset whilst apparently shooting holes in the ground and beating up a jeep with a big axe.

Oh well.

Meanwhile, I have been editing.

After a significant amount of thought I have decided to change the direction that novel #2 was going in.

So I’m on a mass edit and a major rewrite, having decided to drop a character and structurally alter elements of (but not the whole) plot.

The novel has been out for consultation with various reader-types, and I have just started the submission process of talking to Literary Agents.

This rewrite doesn’t materially affect the book, but I think it will help make the story tighter, reduce the dialogue, and sharpen the overall focus.

Plus, reading the novel from the very beginning again has given me the opportunity to scrutinise every word for editability.

I’ll have to get it over to my editor soon though, before she starts sending me angry emails again.

The interesting thing is on this read-back, edit, and rewrite, is that the dialogue in my head says this isn’t a book; it reads like a film script.

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2 Responses to Blogathon 09/20: A hell of a blowjob!

  1. Masher says:

    Our neighbour’s dustbin blew over.

    Editing in front of a roaring laptop is perfect for a day like today.

    • Brennig says:

      We had quite a bit of damage in the village; fence panels blown down and trampolines taken flight. And then it snowed!

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