The Daily Mirror; the epitome of literary skank

Where does the apostrophe go?

Where does the apostrophe go?

And then… hours later (presumably after someone pointed the error out to at least one of the many editorial staff employed by the Mirror Group):

Oh, the apostrophe goest *there* does it?

Oh, the apostrophe goes *there* does it?

Well done The Mirror.


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12 Responses to The Daily Mirror; the epitome of literary skank

  1. Harry says:

    Sort of sums the whole sorry matter up really.

  2. Lis of the North says:

    It goes into the punctuation after-life, having been erased by the Del key. Or it should have done.
    I think that’s enough now from Jade. She says she’s doing this for her kids, but how must they feel, seeing their sick Mum in the papers every day with “I’m dying” in size 80 font splashed across her photo. They don’t need reminding.

  3. Sally says:

    You should email this to Lynne Truss – I’m sure she would explode with fury about it.

  4. Brennig says:

    Harry, I’m not commenting on the subject matter (which I suspect you know), just the state of English in the hands of a national newspaper – and a newspaper which, I feel sure, would pillory a public servant who made the same mistake.

    Sally, thanks for the suggestion. I’ve dropped her a line, we’ll see if anything happens.

  5. Trixie says:

    Pft! I wouldn’t have a clue where the apostrophe is supposed to go! lol

  6. Harry says:

    Sure, but some how it’s appropriate.

    A person who has been at least part spawned by the devestated education system in this country and then mutated by the media is then gawped at whilst she stumbles to an undignified death by an equally illiterate and shallow organ like the Mirror.

    Aso appropriate and timely is the reminder offered to us by Wendy Richards. Here we have a genuinely talented woman who could at least claim true celebraty, dieing with grace and dignity surrounded by friends and family that truly care as opposed to some mawkish rubber neckers in some sordid modern day Circus Maximus.

    Fecking depressing really.

  7. Sally says:


    With respect, how do you know what Wendy Richard’s death was like?

    And how can you say that Jade Goody is “stumbling to an undignified death”? I think that’s quite a mean thing to say about someone who is dying and suffering. She’s just doing her thing … the thing that she has done the whole of her adult life, i.e. live it in the media spotlight.

    I actually think the fact that she is doing all she can to ensure the future financial security of her kids is admirable. And her plight has encouraged me & many other women book smear tests, which can only be a good thing.

    I am sure that Jade will be surrounded by family and friends who love and care for her when the time comes. She has said she doesn’t want her death to be filmed.

    As for illiteracy, I don’t like to be mean, but … since YOU are being very mean, here’s a little spell check for you 😉

    >> devastated
    >> celebrity
    >> dying

    Cheers! Sally 🙂

  8. Vicola says:

    The cocked apostrophe seems to be quite common. You’d think that the eejits at the Mirror would have been taught where to find the ‘spelling and grammar check’ button wouldn’t you?

  9. Brennig says:

    Perhaps they’re too busy looking for the ‘speling and gramar cheque’? 🙂

  10. Harry says:

    Sally, of corse you are rite and i’ts a fare cop, I am totally gilty of pot cawling kettle wite.

    My spelling is atrocious as most my comments on Brennig’s (note apostophe)blog will show and therefore, given this particular thread, I may be accused of hypocracy but correct me if I am wrong Brennig, but I don’t think this is about spelling generally. Unless I am mistaken it was more about how a major newspaper can, in 2009, run with a mispelled headline.

    For my part I admit that have taken this further and dug deeper into how major institutions nay society itself have fucked up specifically in relationship to the Jade Goody circus.

    I confess that I find Jade Goody to be a bigoted, lumpen prole. Her behaviour on Big Brother was a classic example of how the modern working class has further soiled it’s once noble reputation. Her pettinines and her (ironically) ingrained racism were for me a frightening indication of how Nazism may have been spawned. And yes I’m going to say it – she is still a bigotted, no nothing prole despite the fact that she is dying of cancer. But how the fuck have we in this 5th(ish) richest country in the world, with billions spent on education and welfare, allowed the Jade Goodys and Sharon Mathews, and the Baby Ps to happen. How? That’s my point. And when we do create Frankenstein what do we do, we put her on Big Brother – brilliant.

    I’m ranting, but as a final point – I have had two dear, close friends die of cancer. They were not able to leave millions to their children. Jade Goody can purely because she was a numpty who was thrust into the limelight and then behaved appalingly in front of millions. She lived as a shallow nobody and in truth she will die a shallow nobody. Some sick twist in modern society means her children will benefit financially. Unfortunately my hard working, liberal, principled friends weren’t so blessed.

  11. Vicola says:

    I have to say I’m with Harry on this one. While I do feel every sympathy with her plight and it’s always awful when someone dies leaving young children, she hasn’t suddenly become a saint because she’s got cancer. The media are doing what they did with Princess Diana and deifying her because she’s dying early. I understand that she’s trying to get as much money together so that her kids are well provided for but when Satan’s Little Helper Max Clifford is in negotiations to film her death then it’s time to call a halt to proceedings because it’s gone too far. The whole sorry mess sums up in many different ways what has gone wrong in society and the media.

  12. Bulldog says:

    Ah, yes. The greengrocers’ apostophe. It pops up everywhere Apple’s, anyone?