Blogathon 15/20: What’s in a name?

After Storm Ciabatta (whatever) a few days ago, I find that today we are deep into Storm Dave (whatever).

I quite like the alphabetical storm-naming convention, but I think The Powers That Be could do with looking at where they choose their names from.

I mean, Ciabatta and Dave aren’t names that convey meaning or menace, are they?

Ciabatta, that’s a lump of bread, yes? And Dave, that’s a TV station dedicated to showing Red Dwarf, yes?

So instead of the next one being Storm Ectoplasm, or Storm Eggplant, or Storm Earwig, TPTB should choose something with an air of menace, to convey to the Great British People that Storms Are Very Dangerous.

As alternatives to the soft, namby-pamby names that have been used so far this year, I would like to offer Storm Executioner, or Storm Eliminator, or Storm EffortlesslyKillsEverythingInItsPath.

Names like these should stop things like this happening, yes?

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2 Responses to Blogathon 15/20: What’s in a name?

  1. Masher says:

    The storm after the next one, could have some real naming potential!