Blogathon 16/20: Trapped!

Storm Dave (whatever) together with Nottinghamshire County Council have been conspiring.

You see, the lane that runs through it is the only road into/out of the village.

So when Nottinghamshire County Council decided to close the road so they can resurface (read: scrape the old surface off, lay new surface, paint new white lines etc), they cunningly decided to do the northern end of the lane first, and the southern end of the lane last.

That’s clever, yes?

That means that the people affected by this work can just use the end that isn’t being worked on, yes?


And it’s a very hard no.

Storm Dave (whatever) has thrown so much water down, that the end of the lane that isn’t being worked on right now is closed. Due to flooding.

And it’s serious flooding.

It’s ‘evacuate your homes and camp out in the leisure centre’ kind of flooding.

Fortunately we’re not affected by this because our little bit of the village is about 150′ above the flooding, on a little hill.

Now I’m not saying that the lane shouldn’t be resurfaced because it should. It has so many huge potholes it’s a serious hazard to all kinds of traffic.

The lane has suffered from decades of neglect and from years of unsatisfactory repairs by ‘surface dressing’ (each attempt at ‘surface dressing’ having failed to cure the problem which, of course, was a lack of proper resurfacing in the first place).

And I’m not saying that giving people an alternate in/out route while the surface is being properly fixed is a bad thing, because, obviously, people shouldn’t be left marooned in their homes due to roadworks.

What I am wondering, though, is why it seems to be beyond the wit and wisdom of man (or Nottinghamshire County Council in this instance) to split the work across the north/south lanes of the road?

You know, do the entire east side first, thereby allowing traffic to use the west lane for north/south ingress/egress (traffic-light controlled, obviously).

And then, when that’s finished, do the opposite side, and control ingress/egress through the same temporary traffic-light system.

Because that way you automatically build contingency into your roadworks.

And Robert’s your Mother’s brother.

Except he isn’t. Not in Nottinghamshire County Council, it would seem.

Anyway, the bit down the bottom end of the village with the serious flooding?

There are several houses down there still empty from the last lot of flooding.

It’s a proper low-lying bit of countryside.

And the local authority wants to build up to 2,000 new homes down there.

So that’s OK then.

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2 Responses to Blogathon 16/20: Trapped!

  1. Masher says:

    Building 2000 homes in an area known for flooding?
    They need to pull the plug on that one.