Blogathon 19/20: Road (not) work(ing)

With the news today that Nottingham’s Clifton Bridge is going to continue being out of action until (and I quote) ‘the end of the millennium year’, Nottingham’s road users are faced with a terrible set of decisions

  1. Drive through the worst traffic since Los Angeles was invented, or
  2. Not drive full stop

However, with the traditional seasonal change soon to be upon us, motorcycling weather will be here (Yay, I hear you cry. Yay, yay, and thrice yay!).

It will be interesting to see how (if at all) Nottingham’s traffic adapts to not being able to use 1/3rd of the City’s bridges, as the commuters look for alternate routes and, dare I say it, alternate forms of transport.

But I’m definitely looking to getting on the Ninja, putting on my filtering face, and attempting to bring my (normally) 16-minute (motorbike) commute below what will be the (not normal) 40-minute (motorbike) commute.

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One Response to Blogathon 19/20: Road (not) work(ing)

  1. Masher says:

    Yep, just a few more months 🙁