Blogathon 20/20: Bowling (but not for soup)

As in Ten Pin.

I have a day off!

As it is half term we decided that I would take a day’s leave and we would take the dogs up to the Peaks in Derbyshire.

Unfortunately the weather had other ideas.

So we went Ten Pin Bowling this morning.

Unfortunately the bowls were a bit wonky, the lanes were slightly uneven and the adding-up/scoring software was a bit glitchy.

For both games.


But despite these things we had a great time, though the dogs didn’t come with us, obvs.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s road maintenance contractors are still digging up the lane through the village, so as soon as we got home Sam decided to make tea for them all.

Uncharacteristically the weather has given us a temporary lull; the wind is reduced to mere tree-bending and the rain has stopped. Not for long, I’m sure, but it has stopped.

We’ll go and collect the mugs shortly.

Meanwhile, here’s Bowling For Soup and ‘1985’. Lots of parody in the video:

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2 Responses to Blogathon 20/20: Bowling (but not for soup)

  1. Masher says:

    Luv Ten Pin Bowling.
    Don’t go enough.

    • Brennig says:

      So my thoughts. It was great fun. We *all* enjoyed it. But bloody hell it was expensive! And we should go again quite soon.