Blogathon 21/20: Confession is good for the…?

There’s a Twitter account called @Fesshole that I’m slightly addicted to.

The principle is people make anonymous confessions, and these confessions then get reposted to all of the @Fesshole followers.

It’s simple really.

Some of the confessions are a bit close to the knuckle, some are just hilarious, some are a combination of the two, and some are just sad insights into other people’s lives.

Here’s a few of my current favourites:

  • When I was at university, I lived round the corner from a pub. Whenever we needed toilet roll we would go for a pint and come back fully stocked with bog roll
    • Actually, this sounds reasonable to me
  • I had a one-off outdoor afternoon tryst with an old school girlfriend I met on Facebook then spent the following week trying to prevent my wife seeing the rash of ant bites covering my back after having had sex on an anthill
    • Ants in your pants?
  • I found out my husband looks at porn when I am at work, what he does not know is I was paid to pose for a granny porn website last year
    • Wait. Granny porn? That’s a thing?
  • Our cleaning lady has been cleaning our house for 8 years, we exchange lovely presents at Christmas, I know all about her son and grandchildren. But both me and my wife have forgotten her name and there just seems to be no way we can find it out.
    • Oh. That’s a bit sad!

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2 Responses to Blogathon 21/20: Confession is good for the…?

  1. Masher says:

    Our cleaning lady seems to have gone AWOL 🙁