Blogathon 27/20: Up in smoke

We have a log-burner.

It’s actually a dual-fuel fire.

When it’s in use, it kicks out a lovely bunch of heat that not only fills downstairs but also heats our room (the bedroom chimney-breast carries residual heat).

During the day we burn kiln-dried logs, which I buy in at half a ton at a time.

When we choose to keep it in through the night we put a load of coal on.

Our Government (bless) have decided they are going to make burning coal illegal.

They are also going to make burning wet wood illegal, but that’s OK because we don’t burn wet wood (by definition, kiln-dried logs can’t be wet).

Except, of course, a lot of people pick up firewood (especially during Storm Ciabatta – whatever).

So in the future, picking up wood and/or chopping up fallen trees or branches for firewood is going to be illegal and transgressors will be sent to the Tower of London to be beheaded.

Or something.

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4 Responses to Blogathon 27/20: Up in smoke

  1. Allister says:

    Wut? You can still find firewood. You just store it suitably and burn it next winter. Have had many a free or cheap load of firewood that’s been too wet to burn right away.

    • Brennig says:

      I’m with you. But I need to build a wood store first. That’s a really grand idea though, thank you

  2. Masher says:

    Yeah, what Allister said.

    I knew about the wet wood… but coal as well? That’s going to cause big problems for those of you still living in the Dark Ages.