Blogathon 28/20: Shout it out!

This isn’t going to be either of the blog posts I was mulling over, during last night’s long but unremarkable network changes.

It was either going to be about weird pronunciations (absolutely *not* looking at any random Kiwis who might occasionally drop by), or about Sprocker the Elder and her remarkable gift of seeing things that aren’t quite there.

Instead I’ll tell you about something that happened this afternoon.

The dogs and I were hiding in the bedroom (not really hiding) because Mavis (the cleaner – not his real name) was wreaking all manner of cleaning havoc on the ground floor of the house.

The dogs were fast asleep on the bed.

I had just come off a remarkably brief Teams call and was looking forward to a spell of peace and quiet during which I could type up the call notes.

I eased the headphones off and instead of a large helping of P&Q I could hear what I can only describe as someone having a lot of fun.

In amongst the fun sounds I could distinguish a few words.

‘Yes! Oh! Oh! Like that! Yes, there! There! There!’

At first I thought Mavis was having too much fun with the vacuum cleaner, but then I realised the sounds were coming through the wall and originated in the adjoining house.

I can only assume that Mrs Next Door (for it was she) had adjusted her bedroom loudspeakers and finally achieved stereophonic nirvana, where the Left and Right balance had hit that elusive sweet spot that so many people find difficult to achieve.

It was such a shame her husband wasn’t home to share the good news.

Still, she and her friend probably demonstrated how they achieved audio perfection when he came home.


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2 Responses to Blogathon 28/20: Shout it out!

  1. Masher says:

    The walls at our last house were so thin, that I once asked the neighbour if he could hear me and the wife at it (our bedsprings were incredibly sqeaky).

    He said not, but I think he was lying, because we could certainly hear their goings on!

    • Brennig says:

      It has been suggested that I let loose with some 1812 Overture on maximum DB.