Motor insurance

Although this is about motorbike insurance companies, the general gist of what I’m saying applies to car insurance companies.

Because they all operate on the same basic set of principles.

My insurance for the Ninja expires at the end of this month.

I’ve been with the same company for two years, so when I got the ‘we’re going to rollover your insurance’ email I almost didn’t check the market.

Yes, there was an increase on my annual premium, but it wasn’t an astronomical increase.

And then one of those annoying little meerkats popped in to my head, or maybe it was the fat Welsh opera singer.


I checked. And instead of £320 from my insurance company of the last two years I was given a quote of £180 from Kawasaki Insurance.

That’s some difference, I thought.

So I did the deal.

Rang Kawasaki Insurance, answered all their questions, put on an extra which increased the annual premium by just £17, and then I paid for the lot.

The next call was to my insurance company of two years.

I told them I wasn’t going to rollover; they asked why, so I told them.

Then they started to haggle with me and that’s when I started to get angry. I’ve done the deal. You lost. Get over it.

I explained I’d done the deal, paid the money.

They kept on trying to haggle with me.

Then the person I was talking to revealed she could see what I had agreed to with Kawasaki Insurance.

She said stuff like ‘Oh, you’ve put down that you work in a different industry. That would change your premium with us’, and ‘I see you have devalued your bike, that would make a difference with us too,’ and ‘I see you’ve reduced the amount of mileage you will do next year. We could get very competitive on that new information too.’

I then got really angry.

I changed my employer. I do the same job I just work in the pharmaceutical industry. In all honesty, how can that make a single bit of difference to my insurance premium?

And of course I devalued my bike. First of all if I was in an accident your loss adjuster is only going to offer me market value. And secondly the bike has depreciated in the last two years.

And the reason my mileage estimate for the next 12 months is lower is because I’m going to have less time for big trips this year.

But as I was saying these things I was getting more and more angry with the sheer brass neck of Hastings Premier as the person on the other end of the phone kept insisting they could match the quote I had agreed to from Kawasaki Insurance.

Really angry.

That Hastings Premier would even consider they could increase my premium to take my insurance over £300, and that they could even have the nerve to try to keep me as a loyal customer, when they *must have known* what I was likely to get offered if I shopped around.

Really angry.

There’s taking the mick, and there’s Hastings Premier.

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2 Responses to Motor insurance

  1. Masher says:

    They could see the details you’d given to a different insurance broker?

    That’s worth knowing, for future refence.