Where there’s a Will

I’ve made a Will.

I know!

This is possibly the most adult thing I’ve done, and therefore is it even me?

But the one lesson that making a Will has taught me is that I have a lot of strands that need to be knitted together, and bringing all of those strands into one document is a lot harder than I had thought.

I’m not even sure how I’m going to keep my Will updated, because C21st life is fast-moving, and keeping my Will current seems like a monthly task.

I need to think about how I do that – all advice gratefully received.

Away from Will-making…

I may have mentioned that in the last few years I have been to two funerals of motorbiking friends?

The first had me in stitches and later in tears of laughter – and then just tears of sadness.

The most recent was a most tearful celebration of the life and times of a high-energy character; full of life and love and humour, and one of the biggest fun individuals that I’ve ever met.

Young Masher recently blogged about how he’s managing his demise in a more immediate/short-term kind of way.

I think there’s some logic to this.

I like having a list of people (and organisations) to tell; there are some folk in ex-service groups on FB who might like to know (for various reasons) when I eventually check out.

And I have some thoughts on the intimate gathering at the crem.

Though I wouldn’t have Test Match Special as the walk-in music, which Grant did.

The unexpected (but instantly recognisable) TMS theme filled everyone in with mirth, which was a typical Grant kind of thing to do.

So maybe I should compile a list of my send-off music? And blog it? Or would that be too ghoulish to make it so public?


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4 Responses to Where there’s a Will

  1. Masher says:

    Test Match Special? Brilliant!
    That’s got me re-evaluating my own choices, now.

    A list of songs (I think yoiu can only have two – on the way in and on the way out) that you’d like played… not ghoulish at all, IMHO.

    • Brennig says:

      I’m not sure. I can’t find the service details but I know I kept them. I’ll keep looking. I think you may be allowed at least three (in, out, middle bit), but maybe that’s a local decision and subject to variation?

  2. Allister says:

    When Dad passed away a couple of years ago and quite before his time, we were surprised by the number of people outside family who turned up. Word of mouth along with a simple notice did the job, it seems.

    Perhaps that is a reflection of having lived a life in two parts, serving his government first in uniform and then in civvy street, but all aviation. He was of a time when most people knew most people in quite wide circles.

    It was a huge comfort to us to see so many people had respected him enough in life to pay personal respects on the day.