New hobby (obsession?)

I do appreciate Wikipedia.

I make a small annual contribution to the service, and I regularly use it as a source of information (let’s face it, any website that no longer accepts links/references to/from the Daily Mail because – and I quote – ‘the Daily Mail is not a trusted source’ can’t be all bad).

Largely run/populated by volunteers, Wikipedia is not without its flaws, but overall it’s a Very Good Thing.


I have discovered this page in Wikipedia.

Well, although it’s a page it is actually a dynamic list.

When I first stumbled on this dynamic list I realised that it had a very North American bias.

So now I’m chipping away at it, adding more global information to make this a less American list.

At the moment I’m focused on this sub-list.

Great fun!

What do you mean, get a life?

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2 Responses to New hobby (obsession?)

  1. Masher says:

    You can add Monarch to that list. And that one that went bust last week (I’ve already forgotten it.)

    • Brennig says:

      Thanks for Monarch, I have added them. They were on my list but I’m still working through the ‘A’ section