Motor insurance v2.0

At the beginning of last month I wrote about changing insurers for the Ninja, and moving away from Hastings Premier because expensive, and going to Kawasaki Insurance because cheaper.

Well there’s been an interesting development.

This morning I got a letter from Kawasaki Insurance to say ‘You haven’t sent us your proof of no claims. If we don’t get that in the next 14 days we’re going to cancel your policy’ (and probably keep the full year’s premium that I’ve paid – although they didn’t actually say that bit).

So I got on the phone to Hastings Premier because even though the Covid-19 lockdown is in full effect and I can’t go out on the Ninja, I want to have continuous insurance. It keeps my pristine NCB healthy and intact.

Unfortunately my call to Hastings Premier was pointless and fruitless in equal measures.

Their IVR actually said ‘We’re not taking any calls from you because you don’t tick the right boxes’.

So the place I’m in right now is either get the NCB proof out of Hastings Premier (not possible) or forfeit my new policy with Kawasaki Insurance, probably lose my annual premium, and definitely lose the four years NCB.

So that’s nice.

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2 Responses to Motor insurance v2.0

  1. Masher says:

    *Makes mental note never to use Hastings*

    Hold on though… if Hastings could see the details you’d given Kawasaki (as mentioned in your previous post on this), surely Kawasaki can see the NCB you hold with Hastings?

    • Brennig says:

      It’s a good question. But apparently the new insurance company can’t see the info until they’ve taken me on their books.