Is everybody happy?

Are we all thoroughly enjoying Lockdown Life?

In a number of ways I don’t actually want it to go back to the old normal.

I’m enjoying WFHing, although I’m massively busier than when I was WFOing.

There are a few aspects to WFHing that are enjoyable:

  • The relaxed dress code (he said, in his shorts, and tie/dye t-shirt)
  • Seeing the puppers whenever I look down
  • Being able to roam around the garden with the dogs whenever I get a rare break
  • Being able to turn away from the laptop and the near back-to-back calls to play guitar for just five minutes (I’ve just added a new chord to my repertoire and as a result I’m now practising Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty)
  • The fairly regular deliveries of drinks and food to my side (at work I’d have to go and make my own drinks! I know! How will I ever get used to that?)
  • The sound of childish laughter from downstairs (oddly, there was never much childish laughter in either my building specifically, or from across the campus generally).

I realise that WFHing isn’t an option for a great many people. I also realise that there are a number of people for whom WFH isn’t their cup of tea.

But for me? I think it’s very good. And I’d like this to be the new normal.

Or, at the very least, my new normal.

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2 Responses to Is everybody happy?

  1. Masher says:

    I’m enjoying WFH – saving myself a fortune in petrol, if nothing else.
    But, I am starting to struggle a little bit. Plenty of work to be doing, but I seem to be losing motivation and it doesn’t take much now to distract me from what I should be doing.
    I think my ideal new normal would be a couple of days in the office with three days at home, then reverse that the following week.

    • Brennig says:

      That’s very good of you, breaking your future week up in that way. Motivation not a problem here, but balancing the good stuff (technical work) with the less good (read: interesting) stuff (governance) is a struggle I’d have whether I was at work or at home. Not really noticing a drop in commuting costs (6 miles door to door), but I would now normally be commuting on the bike and unfortunately she’s sitting in the garage…