More doggy thoughts (again)


She’s at it again – Millie.

Been howling away since 15.30 (it’s 17.55 now).

The earlier howls stopped around 13.15.

This now is not a joke, that’s official.


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2 Responses to More doggy thoughts (again)

  1. Chloé says:

    I suggest:
    1. buying a similar dog;
    2. leaving the house with the howling dog when sure that the neighbours are at home (easy to know, apparently).

    If you’re lucky, Millie will howl together with your lonely dog, even if the neighbours are at home.

  2. Brennig says:


    Love the logic but, sadly, I can’t.

    But it does get to me, that people think it’s OK to buy a dog and leave it alone at home.

    Dogs aren’t cats! (yeah, I know, stating the blindingly obvious).