Random thinking

This is frustrating and infuriating in equal measures and I really don’t know why it has happened.

While I was having a cup of tea with one of my saner colleagues in Pret this afternoon, all my brain was doing was serving up images of Big Brother; the C4 television series.

What the fuck?

Have I been receiving subliminal advertising from Endemol via some concealed medium or other, and am I now performing my programmed task by talking about it?

This evening on the way home I had to restrain myself from googling ‘Alexandra De Gale’ (one of the most odious specimens of humanity to crawl from underneath a slimy, damp stone to take her place – momentarily – in the public spotlight that is provided by Big Brother, before being outed as a thoroughly reprehensible piece of pond-life and swiftly vanishing in to deserved obscurity once more), just to find out what line of criminality she’s up to these days.

Individual characters aside, I am perplexed that I find Big Brother so fascinating; it is a little like The Apprentice in that respect.

Both programmes have given us hours of entertainment; we have laughed (quite a lot) and gasped (even more) at the massive egos and even larger gaps of knowledge that many of the contestants have displayed. We have been jaw-droppingly amazed at how separated from reality the competing individuals are.

Who can fail to be amused by the 9ct solid gold words of Helen (from BB 2)? Her ‘I like blinking, I do’ is a quote that will continue to amuse for many years to come.

Yes, there is an element of voyeurism; watching a group of people with little (if anything) in common as they struggle to bond, form allegiances and eventually, become tribal is disquietly compelling.

There is also the slightly sadistic thrill of watching personalities develop, catch the eye of the media and then inevitably, once the self-induced veneer has evaporated under the 24/7 glare of the lights and cameras and the dreadful truth (like the aforementioned Ms De Gale), vanish. Some quicker than others.

Endemol say the programme is a social experiment, I’m not too sure.

The only thing I am sure about is that I find myself looking at the calendar and wondering how much longer I have to wait for the next series.

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2 Responses to Random thinking

  1. Sally says:

    I can’t wait, either!

  2. Walter Mitty says:

    Must be a woman’s thang.