Phonio, phonio, wherefore art thou phonio

On 21st May 2009 – yes, 2009! – I started, failed to finish and left languishing in ‘drafts’ this post. Time to shake the dust off, breathe some new life in to it and turn this baby around…

Mobiles. Not the kind one might hang from a child’s bedroom ceiling.

I have been having issues with my Samsung F480V. Not functional issues, as in: it doesn’t do its job.

These are functionality issues, as in: it does its job but only in such a complex way that it takes 12 Functional Points to pass from main menu to sending an SMS (not counting the keystrokes to compose the message, obv).

And that is a major piece of suckage.

(continued May 2010)…

Until now.

Because, as of four days ago, I have dumped the Samsung for the long-awaited Google Nexus One.

And I love it.

I love being able to stand in the queue in Tesco, pull up the application window, flip over to Gmail, read, reply, flip over to Seesmic, see what’s happening on Twitter, flip over to… ANYWHERE and see what’s happening whilst passing through an absolute minimum of Function Points.

I don’t love the Nexus One, I only love organic things; Sophie, Tom, Vin.

But in four days of learning about and adjusting to the Nexus One, it’s safe to say that I’ve become acclimatised to it, to the point of feeling like it has always been part of me.

I have had one issue over the last four days, and even that isn’t a Nexus One issue.

Getting the 784 contacts exported from the Samsung has been an issue of megalithic proportions.

Not getting 784 contacts imported, oh no, the Nexus One could do that in the blink of an eye and do it in any one of a bunch of file formats.

But getting them out of the Samsung?

Yeah, that’s been really tough.

But I’ve loved that, as I’ve wrestled each contact in to place in the Nexus One, the contacts have been populated with their WordPress icon (where they have a WordPress account, obv).

And I love that I can look at a contact and see if s/he is online and available to chat.

The only disappointment is that there’s no native Skype application in the app store, but NimBuzz seems to do the job, so I’m using that for now.

Battery life, on the Nexus One, seems to be a moveable feast. Left to its own devices, the handset would need an electric fix every 24 hours, whereas the late but remarkably unlamented Samsung would go 72 hours of heavy use before needing a fritz of 13Amps.

So I’m using a system monitor, and learning to use which utilities and processes I can kill off, which I can rank in terms of importance and where I can set the processing ceilings.

I think I’m up to having one extended charge every 29 hours, but I can probably improve on that, the more I learn about the device.

And I love the simplicity of the alerts and notifications menus and, using the app settings, sub-menus.

Let me know about Twitter responses, but not about emails, but vibrate a little if someone calls me.

It takes a swipe of excellent simplicity to set up a complex structure like that.

So yeah, watch this space, but for now I really am having a whale of a time with the Nexus One.

In other news…

I shall be back in an old haunt on Tuesday, so if there’s anyone knocking about the Westminster/Vauxhall areas with not much to do at lunchtime, let me know.

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  1. Gumpher says:

    Too much time with the phone, non ?