And we’re back in 5, 4, 3, 2…

Hello, welcome back!

[canned audience applause]

Before the break we were speaking to John and Donny about their gay love for each other and how their fervent desire for increasingly dangerous sex led them to a Swiss ski-lift in the early hours of the morning armed with a tube of KY Jelly, a mountaineering crampon, a collapsible walking stick and a length of climbing rope.

Now it’s time to meet with Soph and Bren who have just finished a tour of the more mountainous bits of the Welsh mountains.

[canned laughter]

Yes, sorry. We’ve been away. But now we’re back and with many photographs in our possession.

Look, it’s my name! (nearly):


And we went to that place with that name:


And then we went up one of these:


And saw views like this:


And tomorrow it’s back to work for me, but not for her (lucky thing!).

Many things to catch up on, but they’ll have to keep for another time.


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6 Responses to And we’re back in 5, 4, 3, 2…

  1. S. Le says:

    Lovely snaps.

    I blogged about that place with that name!

  2. S. Le says:

    er, and welcome back!

  3. Masher says:

    Yes, welcome back.

    And just how, er, green was your valley?

  4. Krazy Kitty says:

    And after that I’m not going to make fun of the Welsh language.


  5. Dan Holloway says:

    It IS your name, but I’ve still got the **** Ting Tings in my head for the rest of the afternoon!!

  6. Brennig says:

    No Dan, it is not my name. Check spelling.