Grumpy guy goes to bed

I can’t hack it.

It’s 21.15 and I’ve got to throw in the towel and rock up them stairs with a mug of tea and a good book.


In other news…

The big grey boy (17 hand, 6 year-old Irish Sports Horse) is not coming to live with Vinnie, Soph and me.


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2 Responses to Grumpy guy goes to bed

  1. Perpetual says:

    Sometimes an early night does wonders for the soul, certianly worked for me last night.

    How come you’re not getting the big grey boy?

  2. Brennig says:

    The vendor (a professional selling yard) is not budging on the price. I want a bit knocked off because it would cost me a bit to kit him out.

    Early nights are an undervalued resource!