New Toy!

I have discovered Skype!

Thanks entirely to Allister down at the Sitting Duck Podcast I am now a member of the Skype gang.

Actually I’ve created two accounts, one for me and one for our little podcast because it’s logical to keep things apart.

How cool is Skype?

Free calls Skype to Skype?

I’m sorry, I’m starting to sound a little as if I’m a crazy convert.

Well der!

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7 Responses to New Toy!

  1. Ian says:

    Skype is brilliant. I have an INQ1 from 3 Mobile and it includes a a Skype app. All Skype to Skype calls are free but in addition to this I pay about 6 pounds a month for a Skype account which means I can call anywhere in the world…for free.

    Calls to US mobiles (cell phones) are included and this means I can call my lovely fiancée Lisa for free for as long as I like. I spend about 2000 minutes a month speaking to Lisa and it doesn’t cost me anything extra.


    This is not an advert for Skype or 3 mobile (or even the INQ1 which is a brilliant phone) – I just use them as a normal customer and I’m very happy with the services.

    Without them the wait until I’m with Lisa again would be unbearable.

    Really, can’t speak highly enough of Skype, INQ1 and 3 mobile.

  2. S. Le says:

    Whilst our chum was in Japan we used Skype on a regular basis. If you have a web cam you can also see the people you are chatting with. Brilliant!

  3. Krazy Kitty says:

    Of course I use Skype. Hello, I’m (temporarily) an expat!

    My need for Skype has been seriously reduced when most of my friends and family in France got one of these cable-phone-Internet bundles that include free calls to the US (mobiles included, of course, as the operators don’t distinguish there), though.

    And my usage of Skype has been reduced some more about three-four weeks ago when I started experiencing terrible lags in my calls to the US. (No idea if it’s my connection, the soft…). On the other hand, I’m a Linux user (version 2.0) calling Mac users (version 2.8) when Windows’ version is at 4.1… Stupid closed source software!

    But I nevertheless very much love Skype. I’m actually quite surprised that a tech-savvy guy like you caught up with the trend so recently!

  4. Brennig says:

    Ian: I need a new handset but I can’t decide what.

    S Le: Webcams are out!

    KK: I’ve just never really picked the idea up and jumped on it. Until now. And now I want to use it all the time. 🙂 But bandwidth is an issue that can adversely affect the call, I realise that.

  5. Sally says:

    I agree with everyone else – Skype is fab!

  6. Susie says:

    For free calls pretty much anywhere in the world to non-Skypers, to landlines, and for very, very cheap calls to mobiles, have a look at VoipCheap.

  7. Lisa says:

    LOL… I see the Skype techno-expert has already been by. 🙂 We love skype. We call phone to phone, and it’s all very cool compared to the old days of having to talk computer to computer (and really, be chained to our computer chairs for the length of our conversations)

    (wow! Is it really 2,000 hours? hehe)