On why people are sometimes not a good idea (1)

My gold credit card was cloned last week.

The utter bastards who did it have tried to rip me/the credit card company off to the tune of £1,450 by some very dodgy transactions, but unless something very nasty falls out of the woodwork, no-one is going to lose any money because we nipped it in the bud before all of the transactions could be processed.

The inconvenience to me though, is high. I recently booked flights, accommodation and car hire in Italy for next week, and I’m totally confused as to how those things stand. Are they good, do I have to make them again? My gold credit card has effectively been electronically shredded so all of my regular arrangements need to be changed too – Amazon, for example, needs to be updated, and there are a couple of transactions outstanding with them that are probably going to get caught up in the fallout. I made a charitable donation to a friend/former colleague on that card last week, is that payment going to get bounced?

I have another credit card to use, and that’s fine. It, like my gold credit card, has a stupidly high credit limit and it, like my gold card, has its balance zeroed every month; so it’s not as if I’m suddenly put in a place where things can’t continue to occur, I’m not in a place of financial hardship or even difficulty because of what’s happened.

It’s just the faff, the inconvenience of having to make so many changes in so many places to so many online profiles, and having to check back with so many people as to whether this payment or that payment has gone through or not yet been processed. And this faffing, this needing to make changes was, of course, inflicted upon me by ‘people’.

Sometimes I hate ‘people’.

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3 Responses to On why people are sometimes not a good idea (1)

  1. Perpetual says:

    Arse 🙁

    In my (albeit thankfully very limited) experience of this, I was able to identify which transactions were genuine and they were let through, whilst the others were stopped.

    The only thing I can think of is that you might need to use another CC to guarantee your car hire booking once you get to Italy, just in case the new card hasn’t arrived yet?

  2. S. Le says:

    Nightmare! Sounds awful! Hope that never happens to me!

  3. Vicola says:

    Someone cloned my friend’s card and used it to buy some awe-inspiringly expensive designer sunglasses. Sarah was devastated to find that she was not legally entitled to possession of the Diors when the police raided the house of the criminal and took possession of their stuff.