So I’m awake

The laptop, you’ll no doubt be pleased to hear, not only survived yesterday’s open heart surgery, it’s out of bed, doing press-ups and power-lifting the hospital bed.

It’s 04.47, I’m downstairs on the couch with a mug of tea and a laptop capable of running NASA’s next re-entry programme for the space shuttle.

The question ‘Why?’ hovers in my mind. Why am I awake, not anything laptop related.

Also: Why did I not bring my book with me when I tottered downstairs? I don’t want to do nerdy things (and right now even touching the laptop is classed, in my head at least, as a nerdy thing), I’d much rather be reading a proper book.

But I can’t go and fetch it because I might disturb Soph. Arse.

Not disturb Soph’s arse. That would be a fearsome event to be avoided at all times.

The laptop repair (which I really should refer to as ‘the software repair’) was,thankfully, effected before the podcast was recorded last night, but as a result of spending 14 hours unscrewing someone’s shoddy work, the podcast was, ahem, a tad under-prepared.

Massively under-prepared.


Conversation items this week include the correct pronunciation of ‘Illinois’ because everyone says it incorrectly, some Frenchisms which include Bof, Merde and Zut; spanking Intel with a cricket bat; Bren putting on Soph’s bra; someone at Soph’s work having trouble putting on Soph’s bra; the film ‘500 Days of Summer’ (stupid title); weird noses; Grosse Pointe Blank; Minnie Driver; William Shatner (being an actress) being referred to as Shatters; a gratuitous reference to The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and Monty Python’s Flying Circus; Soph going to the cinema only to watch the trailers;  Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story; Roald Dahl (and how he got his name); having bits waxed and wondering if Anne Robinson has hers waxed (eew!); Bren wants to do the waxing job; Bren’s new game-show concept using his inside knowledge of the Equestrian world: Gay or Not Gay; Bodger and Badger being transformed in to a sitcom called Boris and Badger, featuring the current mayor of London; a visit to the dentist… And three distinctive but very excellent pieces of music that are too good for your mainstream radio station to play.

Is it any wonder that over 100,000 people now subscribe to it? Well, yes, it obviously is a massive wonder. 🙂


It’s time for another cup of tea. And maybe some toast.

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2 Responses to So I’m awake

  1. Bulldog says:

    Most Americans have as much trouble with Illinois as they do with Worcester.

    However, as much as we hate someone putting “the noise” in Illinois, we have a town named Cairo that’s pronounced Kay-row. Go figger.

    I was raised in Illinois, but born just across the border in Missourah – or is that Missouree?

    Now, how about the Virginia town where I work, named after your Duke of Norfolk. Here, it’s pronounced Nahf’k. And strangely, there’s a Norfolk in Nebraska that is pronounced Norfork.

  2. Brennig says:

    I’m reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman which, coincidentally, visits Kayrow (Cairo). I actually love that we take names, replicate them but change the pron, it’s a nice piece of individuality that underlines the human condition.