Horses and courses (again)

Apologies for the overly-equine flavour of this blog lately, normal service will be resumed soon

Because you would, right?

You would pick up a horse on Monday, school it flatwork on Tuesday and Wednesday, pop it around a small course of fences on the Thursday and on Friday…

On Friday you’d take it to a Combined Training competition at a big equestrian centre, right?

Combined Training is a dressage test followed by a show-jumping round.

The class I decided Tom and I would have a go at comprised the dressage test known as Prelim 18 and a course of 10 fences set at 2’9″.

I’ll leave out the detail of the day, the bottom line is that we arrived back at the yard with two rosettes: 4th in the dressage and 5th in the show-jumping.

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5 Responses to Horses and courses (again)

  1. Bulldog says:

    Sounds like fodder for a novel . . .

  2. Caroline says:

    Congratulations :o) I seem to remember Mark Todd getting placed at Badminton on a horse he’d only sat on the day before because the rider was injured, so you’re in good company.

  3. Brennig says:

    Bulldog, many pieces of fiction are based on fact as per…

    Caroline, Horton Point, Lynne Bevan’s cross-bred/TB, 1994 (I think). Lynne fell off a youngster three days before and broke her collarbone. Toddy took the ride and having sat on it twice won Badminton (and in so doing he beat his other rides!). I think Horton Point was the oldest winner (at that time) being 16 (I could be wrong). I do remember that they finished on their dressage score which was in the very very low 40s. Finishing on dressage was almost unheard of at that time.

    Going to take this anorak off now. 🙂

  4. Susie says:

    Well done, Tom and Brennig. What a great start to your partnership. He’s a lovely looking fellow. Haven’t been onto your blog for a while because of personal verybusyness, but love the new look.

  5. Vicola says:

    Congratulations!! Well done you and Tom, sounds like a promising partnership. However can’t help still having an online soft spot for Vin and his belligerent determination to do things his way….