Quiet but not idle

Yeah, sorry.

I’ve been busy as hell lately.

Work and horses and reading and writing – chiefly those – have meant I’ve been remiss in other areas and, I can see, have neglected looking after The Lovely S to the degree of care, attention and all-round nurturing that one as lovely as she deserves.

I’ll try and fix these things but time ebbs away from me as I reach for it.

And to complicate things further…

My OU course is hotting up.

This week’s mailing comprises two DVD’s, 18 CD’s and a stack of text books large enough to make Tom Cruise look tall (if he stood on them. Which he won’t because they’re my text books and I treat them better than that!). And the study calendar which seems to be dictating a punishing pace even for an avid Art-fiend like wot I am (to paraphrase the immortal Ernie Wise).

I’m supposed to hand assignment one in by next weekend but I’ve set myself the target of getting it off in the next two days instead. It’s an essay – an observational crit of excerpts of a work published in the early 1900s.

The trouble is – because the output is literary-focussed I can’t get out of author mode. I’ve edited the flippin’ thing about 32 times this week alone. I’ve now removed the smart comments about the author’s near-terminal use of aliteration. There remains a comment that includes the words ‘Disneyesque idealism’ but they’re germaine and valid so stuff ’em, I’m leaving them in!

I’m supposed to be taking Vinnie cross-country schooling tomorrow afternoon – Bissell Wood again; Christine and Arthur have volunteered to accompany us. But we said, earlier in the week, that if the weather was too wet we wouldn’t go. Guess what? It’s going to be too wet. Probably.

Anyway, if Vinnie goes nicely tomorrow (if we go, that is), there’s a Hunter Trial at Bissell Wood a week Sunday that looks nice. If he doesn’t go nicely tomorrow I don’t have anything else lined up for next weekend. Saturday 13th there’s an unaffiliated dressage competition at Hartpury in Gloucestershire – that looks interesting.

The following day The Lovely S is off gliding again.

The Sunday after – 21st – there’s another dressage competition at Allenshill, on 28th there’s a Combined Training back at Allenshill and on 3rd there’s another dressage competition at Hartpury.

Around these weekend events I have to fit reading, writing, OU-work, The Lovely S and whatever else we decide to do (which may well include a small amount of time working on 9-5 stuff at home too).

It’s busy.

And my guest blogger (yes, I’m looking at you!) after submitting her very interesting view on life has now emailed to tell me she’s too busy to contribute any more right now.

She’s too busy?!

Ha! 🙂


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