Worn right out (but smiling muchly)

parental guidance warning, the following passage contains examples of extremely gratual laziness

The first bit of good news is that the OU essay is finished.

I did the breakfast in bed thing then later while The Lovely S showered then went to the gym, then collected my PO Box post then went shopping I…

Well, you know.


Stayed in bed.

And worked on my essay!

I did, honest!

The Lovely S came back, I dragged myself out of bed, in to joddies and t-shirt then drove to the yard.

Christine and Young Laura were already there; I hauled Vinnie out of the field, groomed him then loaded his tack in the lorry.

Arthur and Vinnie loaded well, settled down and we drove to Bissell Wood.

Once unloaded, tacked up and with Christine and I suited and booted in our XC armour we set off.

Two laps of the mini-XC with Arthur leading then without breaking our pace we cantered straight out on to the bigger track.

After two larger fences Vinnie took the lead – up until that point we had not been going well, he was desperate to overtake Arthur (racehorse mentality!) and I spent much of my time standing in the stirrups trying to hold him back.

But the minute he hit the front everything changed.

He sped up and we attacked each fence in a confidently aggressive way; I let him bowl on and adopted the much more normal cross-country riding position as we stormed around the course.

He was brilliant.

Even the dodgy-looking scary fences that caused us major problems last time flew underneath us as we stormed around the track at 30mph.

The bottom line is that we jumped everything (except the water which was being repaired and therefore out of commission); we were confident, positive and settled in to a proper balance and rhythm.

Back at the lorry I dismounted, untacked, groomed and loved Vinnie up. I’m so pleased with him, he continues to improve; he’s brilliant.


This is the second bit of good news.

With Vinnie back in his field at the yard – thoroughly well groomed (again) – and wearing two sliced apples on the inside, the lorry mucked out, swept out and put away, tack put away, a load of washing in the yard washing machine, it was time to head home where I had an urgent date with…

The shower!

As soon as I got in I peeled off my soaked (sweat-soaked) joddies, socks, t-shirt and underwear and fell upstairs in to the bathroom.

Right now I’m scrubbed clean, sweetly-smelling and sitting on the couch watching Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway (I’m giggling).

I’m completely worn out.

Like, totally, dude.

The Lovely S has – while I’ve been out having fun with Vinnie – cleaned the house from top to bottom, done loads of washing and ironing and even now she’s in the kitchen cooking veggie Spag Bol because I’m too bushed to even stand.

But I’m still smirking.



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2 Responses to Worn right out (but smiling muchly)

  1. Brennig says:

    Hmmm…. let me think.

    Because I don’t sit around at home watching videos and because I don’t spend all my time sitting on mailing lists or the rec.equestrian newsgroup?

    Because I get out there and do it?