A103 blues (a bit like an Oxbridge blue. Not)

The Open University Internet bulletin board specific to the current module (A103) of my course carries two posts in particular that have irritated the hell out of me.

I suppose being irritated by only two posts out of so many isn’t that bad really, but bear with me for a moment.

One is a post from a chap who is looking for some assistance. Fair enough, we’re all keen to help each other.

But in his post he goes on to say: ‘I hope you can advice me‘.

Ffs, get a grip man!

You’re studying for a degree in English Literature and Language and you don’t even have the ability to distinguish ‘advice’ from ‘advise’?

When I was at school one would be on the receiving end of a swingeing punishment for such an awful use of grammar.

The other irritation scratching away like an itch below a piece of flaky skin originates in a thread that was begun to identify students in the Birmingham area.

After several responses from different people a woman responded with ‘Hello Brummies‘.

What the hell?

By what bizarrely twisted version of logic can she even begin to believe that everyone attending study group in the Birmingham area is a Brummie?

Brummie: a native of Birmingham

Has she not heard of (wait for it) travel?

To me her salutation speaks volumes about the cosy, narrow, suburban, white middle-class, sheltered existence that she lives within.

She has clearly experienced so little of life.


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2 Responses to A103 blues (a bit like an Oxbridge blue. Not)

  1. Clara Jameson says:

    I think you are very judgemental. The lady was only making an attempt to break the ice by making a light hearted comment. Also, have you considered the man made a simple typo? What kind of life do you lead where you pick on these silly mistakes and create such a fuss. You need to get out more – I think the lady has led more of a life than you ever will!! Idiot!!

  2. Brennig says:

    Hello Clara Jameson and welcome.

    I would disagree.

    I am not judgemental, I am analytical. As a psychologist by degree and as an analyst by training and profession (SSADM), noting – and reporting – facts objectively is my bread and butter.

    Please feel free to explain how the making of offensive and wildly inaccurate comments is acceptable to you in your world – when used under the guise of ‘ice breaking’?

    I would categorise this poor action as being ignorant and insulting but you appear to have a different view – so do please give us the benefit of your learning and experience.

    As to the other matter yes, I did consider that a typo might have been made. But I dismissed this thought because surely someone posting in an English Lit and Lang forum would have the good sense to proof read their submission prior to hitting the ‘send’ button?