After the Fire

Look, I really don’t know why I’m being random with my blog titles tonight; it’s a Neil Young track FFS…

So I’m on the move again – tutorially speaking.

My new tutor runs two sessions – Monday and Wednesday.

I’m probably going to switch to Monday; Wednesday is one of my ‘riding’ nights because The Lovely Soph goes to be weighed and eat pasta and drink beer, play cards and do whatever else it is they do at her slimming classes.

Tonight’s class was interesting – if only from a compare and contrast aspect.

My new tutor is markedly different to my former.

A random quote from her comes to mind, the context is making contact with her: “I usually check my email at least once a week”.


In a peculiar reversal one of the students wants to switch to the tutor group that I’ve just left. She lives about 15 minutes away from the Birmingham study centre, the journey to Worcester took her 40 minutes.

So it’s change. And change. And change.

Right, gotta go.



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