Looking forward to it!

The 2010 Eventing Season is really close – given that the Entry date for competitions are so far in advance of each actual One Day Event.

And because I’m anal about planning things, I’ve designed a draft schedule which gives us three ‘training’ competitions before the season starts, and then leads in to the season ‘proper’.

In addition to these calendar instances, I’ll have regular help from Owen, and will also go out to school at other venues.

I’ve also mucked around with an incremental scale of increasing difficulty, but we’ll see how things go!

Wanna see?

ID Month Date Event Class Entries
T January 10 Eventer Training, Allenshill BE90, Test 92 27-Dec
T January 30 JAS Hartpury BE90 11-Jan
T February 6 The Old Kennels Show Jumping
T February 14 Eventer Training, Allenshill BE90, Test 91
T February 20 Ascott-under-Wychwood XC Clinic
1 March 20-21 Swalcliffe Park BE90 12-Feb
2 April 10-11 Larkhill BE90 26-Feb
2 April 10-11 Grafton PC ODE (A-u-W)
3 May 9-10 Broadway 1 BE90 02-Apr
4 May 21-23 Mattingley BE90 16-Apr
5 June 5-6 Ascott-under-Wychwood (1) BE100 30-Apr
6 June 26-27 Wolverhampton BE100
7 July 14-15 Upton House BE100
7 July 17-18 Ascott-under-Wychwood (2)
8 August 12-14 Aston-le-Walls BE100
9 September 4-5 Goring Heath 2 BE100
10 September 28-29 BCA N
11 October 16-17 Broadway 2 N
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One Response to Looking forward to it!

  1. Bulldog says:

    It looks like you’re going full on in 2010. Good luck!

    Considering the weather, perhaps Allenshill will require snowshoes instead of horseshoes . . .