Nice fanny!

Oscar Wilde said of the divisions between the UK and the US, that we were ‘one nation divided by a common tongue’.

Setting aside the masterful – and very typical – double entendre, today I’ve seen several examples that underline Wilde’s thinking.

Today is the 9th Annual No-pants on the Subway Day and in the UK a number of poorly-educated delinquents who possess little (if any!) understanding of the English Language have attempted to ‘join in’ by not wearing trousers on the Underground.


It’s the Annual No-pants on the Subway Day. It’s not the Annual No-trousers on the Underground Day. Don’t they know anything?

Have these morons lost all comprehension of English?

A subway is a piece of underground pavement that (usually) enables pedestrians to walk from one side of a busy road to another without having to play chicken with the road-users.

The Underground is not a subway.

And while we’re on the same topic?

Your trousers are not your pants.


I bet these idiots don’t refer to their arse as their ‘fanny’. I bet they don’t say ‘garbage’, but instead use the common word ‘rubbish’, I bet they say ‘petrol’ not ‘gasoline’ and I bet they manage to pronouce ‘aluminium’ correctly.

This isn’t an anti-American rant.

This is the rant of someone who has a hard enough time getting the underpowered and far-too-dim lightbulb of understanding to illuminate the darker places inside the heads of people, through the use of plain, simple English.

Adding further confusion by using terminology from foreign countries is very counter-productive!

Ferstein Sie?

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4 Responses to Nice fanny!

  1. Ash says:

    You’re only complaining cos you don’t get to see 16 yr old girls in their knickers LIVE on the tube*.

    *London Underground Rail Network, not the cylindrical shape.

  2. Bulldog says:

    Going commando on underground pavement doesn’t seem to have the same panache.

    And, the veiw would be much less interesting.

  3. Merry says:

    My local newspaper had a story about all the people on the lightrail who were adopting this practice. I didn’t see any. Everyone I saw was wearing a raincoat — if they’d not been wearing trousers as well, they’d have been considered right gits.

  4. Vicola says:

    No pants on the subway day? I’ve never heard of that before. I’m intrigued.