Stone me, it’s *cold* out there!

It’s Saturday. The snow has melted away in the overnight rain and the temperature is 2c.

So why does it feel absolutely bitter, colder than it has done all week?

Or maybe it’s me; perhaps everyone else can feel the benefit of a daytime temperature that’s four degrees warmer than it has been at this time of day.



Do you know anyone who would like a chance to make a pop video? It’s a big opportunity to make a film for an unsigned, up-and-coming band who might just be making a big impact in 2010.

So could you ask the potential video-makers to get in touch with me? I will be asking this question again in the next couple of weeks.

Umm, what else?

Oh yes, I’ve had my haircut.

I went to the glass-and-chrome decored (is that even a word?) hairdressers in the precinct in Witney. I got ‘done’ by the attractive, shapely, blonde girl and resisted the temptation to nestle my head in her bosom as she worked behind me.

After I got my hair did I went to Café Rouge and joined Sophie and her colleague Lisa for a Latté.

Lisa has man troubles, it’s a shame and she doesn’t deserve them; she’s quite sweet and very fit, but she overtalks to hide her fundamental insecurities. She also doesn’t deserve the arseholes she’s been plagued with. I’m only saying this to provide a benchmark; I’m a discerning, choosy kind of guy, but if I was single and in the market? I probably would.

After Latté and gossip, Soph and I went to the cinema and bought two tickets for tonight’s 3D showing of Avatar.

And then we came home where we are now on the couch watching Dennis Hopper ham it up in Speed, and admiring the gorgeous Sandra Bullock.

As soon as Speed is over I’m going up to the stables to ride Vin and Tom. I expect to have the piss taken out of me because of my haircut.


My laptop has started having tantrums. It’s done three memory dumps in four days. There are no I/O or hardware conflicts (as far as hardware goes, the laptop is still in its factory spec) and I’ve rolled back the system to 1st Jan which predates the memory-dumping by a long while. Needless to say it hasn’t fixed the problem.

Dell Support say the problem is BIOS or possibly motherboard-related. The laptop is under full warranty, but being without it while it’s being fixed would hurt me. And I disagree with Dell Support, I strongly suspect the Wireless adapter is the cause.

Right, gotta go. Sandra Bullock is pouting attractively at me.

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