Great Tits!

A pair of them (natch).

In the garden, hopping about on top of the garden shed.

Aren’t they supposed to be in Africa or somewhere warmer than the UK by now?

Daft buggers.




I have just finished TMA02 (for the third time) and I’m trying hard to stay away from TMA03.

I have a submission strategy (no, not that kind of submission!).

I’m going to submit work in a gradually increasing qualitative arc.

I’ve figured that if I put too much effort in to early assignments there will be too little room for improvement – i.e. my grades will remain static.

But, I reason, if I were to put ‘just enough’ effort in to the earlier assignments and pull out all the stops for the ones that follow afterwards, my grading curve will be sure to show a massive improvement.

And that way everyone looks good.

Go on.

Tell me I’m barking mad.

I can take it.



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2 Responses to Great Tits!

  1. Louise says:

    You are making me sweat! How can you have already finished TMA 02? I am really struggling with the sonnets and fighting ‘A’ level flashbacks.

    I find I will do anything other than actually get on with finishing the analysis – but I’m really good at research!

    Well good luck to you

  2. Brennig says:

    Awww… at least you have ‘A’ levels to have flashbacks over – I left school before then. 🙂

    But Louise, who says what I’ve done is worth a fart in a spacesuit (to mix my metaphors)?

    Finishing is one thing (if I can stop re-editing For no-one!), quality is something completely different.

    BTW – apropos of For no-one – did you notice there’s a Beatles film on BBC 2 this evening?

    Lots of luck and best wishes!