When in Rome

An email flutters in from the University of Open.

It asks if I fancy a November weekend in Rome studying things Roman and erm stuff?

Of course, I have to pay for my own there and back and accommodation in between but I get thrown in…

* A visit to the Colosseum (which just happens to be the focus of TMA03)

* A visit to a major Rothko exhibition (who just happens to be the focus of TMA06)


Soph’s not working on that Saturday and I seem not to be competing that weekend…

I sense the germ of an idea!

Right, I’m off to visit Easyjet and my travel company website.


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5 Responses to When in Rome

  1. Mya says:

    You HAVE to go. It’s an order.

    I love Mark Rothko stuff – don’t ask me why, I always have. Maybe because they seem so simple – nothing to interpret. The possibilities of making a twat of yourself are lessened somewhat! But don’t quote me in one of your University of Open essays – I’m not sure it’s the type of incisive criticism they look for.

    Mya x

  2. Stratford Girl says:

    Oooh that sounds fab – you should definitely go!

  3. Lisa says:

    I got that email too and I must admit…its looking like a trip is on the horizon!! Please let me know if you find cheap flights as the cheapest I found was nearly £200!!!

  4. Alison Collingham says:

    For any one who can’t be bothered or is unable to go there is a virtual tour on the web ;-))you can press buttons – well atleast i can say I’ve already seen it 😉

  5. JezzaBelle says:

    I didn’t get this invite from OU. maybe they don’t like me LOL!!
    I wish I’d known, because I would definately have gone. I had a similar trip arranged for last summer, but a friend pulled out at the last minute, so I ended up not going.
    I’m sure it will help with the essay so much. There is nothing like getting a true ‘feel’ for somewhere to be able to write about it.