Is the BBC news department staffed by stupids?

This story from BBC News online says it all really. Well, the headline says far more than the content below it.

Expenses body to cost six times more than MPs’ payback

… screams the headline.

And my response is a massive:

so fucking what?

What a total non-news story this is. I’m beginning to think that The Daily Mail journalists have secretly been shipped in to the BBC News department, because this is absolutely fucking awful journalism.

Here’s why it’s awful.

Are you ready?

Really ready?

It is awful.


It ALWAYS costs more to police things.


Here’s my point:

It costs more to operate the combined police forces of Great Britain and Northern Ireland than the value of the crimes that are committed, detected and people are prosecuted for. Fact!

So is The Daily Mail BBC News Online suggesting something here? Or are they just pandering to the very lowest IQ of their readership?

I thought, qualitatively speaking, that the BBC News output had reached rock bottom last year.

I feel both satisfied and disappointed to learn that I was wrong.

I’m now going out to buy a sandwich for lunch. I’m so angry if anyone gets in my way I may have to hit them.

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4 Responses to Is the BBC news department staffed by stupids?

  1. Perpetual says:

    I had to move away from the BBC as a website for news a couple of years ago. The reporting standards just seemed to get worse and worse, sadly that is a trend that I cannot see being reversed.

  2. S. Le says:

    ALL news reporting has gone to hell. They all sound like tabloids. Wait… I mean they have all BECOME tabloids! Rubbish.

    (when did you change the name of your blog here? I’ve been away. *shame*)

  3. Brennig says:

    Aye Perp, the sad news is that BBC News has just issued redundancy notices to a significant number of time-served staff – I know three who are being ‘let go’. And The Guardian has just done the same to a bunch of writers including the very talented and readable Bobbie Johnson. We seem to be on a path of ‘quality out, gabage in’.

    S. Le, the name changed this afternoon. I felt it reflected the contributors/commenters better that way. And yes, it’s all just tabloid journalism.

  4. Vicola says:

    Fucking hellski. It costs more to investigate a murder than it does to scrape the bits up out of the ditch and bury it in a makeshift hole in a field. Does the Beeb think we should now dispense with murder investigations? The beeb’s output has been lowering itself for a while now. Have you seen Panorama recently? It’s like the Daily Mail in moving pictures, complete with biased outrage. Their programme on care homes was so badly researched, factually inaccurate and full of glaring bias that even I was compelled to write to them. They didn’t even have the balls to reply.